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L. Barkdale

NFL: Buccaneers at Vikings

Results: Well, Mr. Peterson did offer some charity but the Bucs Doug Martin was the spark to a huge win.

Besides charity, I can’t think of a single reason how the Buccaneers have a shot at beating the Vikings. Unless the Vikings beat themselves? And that’s an issue, because despite the host of weapons on offense and the yard-swallowing Purple People Eaters they have just barely escaped with some wins where on paper they should have dominated. It does seem they need to hit their stride sooner rather than later. Ponder had a horrible game last week but with his skills I would expect him to bounce back and especially against a Bucs team giving up over 300yds passing per game. And there were no positives to take away for Tampa Bay last week when they gave away the game against New Orleans. And with an 0-2 road record they aren’t going to get any help this week either, unless the Vikings offer them points.

PGA: Tour Championship, Final Round

Results: Snedeker faltered then regained his 3rd round lead and takes the whole thing: Tour Championship and FedEx Cup.

The scenarios are nuts for the the FedEx Cup when trying to determine the winner. But to simplify things we’re going to package the victory into players who with a victory on Sunday win BOTH the Tour Championship and the Cup. This comes down to 5 players: Rory McIlrory, Tiger Woods, Brandt Snedeker, Dustin Johnson, and Zack Johnson have some shot at winning both. Beyond that, even players like Bubba Watson who could win the Tour Championship, couldn’t win the FedEx without folks like McIlroy finishing tied for 6th on Sunday. Ain’t likely to happen. So who’s going to take the whole she-bang?

PGA: Tour Championship, FedEx Cup Final

Results: That was too easy.

Golf never really ends. There are these kinda soft opens and closes. After the majors the PGA season used to quietly fade off into memory until the next Spring and advertisers and the PGA put a concise end to that with the FedEx Championship. Like other league Championships it adds a bit of drama and exclamation to the season. This season in the PGA has been quite the soap opera which is great for golf attention though questionable for the sport. So, enough talk. On to the b3tz. Check out the FedEx Standings ahead of round 1 tomorrow and get a beat on who’s hot, who’s not and what a dark horse looks like. I’m going to try and track this one through to the final. Hope you all play along.

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PGA: BMW Championship

Results: Down by as much as 3, Tiger made up ground and ended the day tied with Rory at -12.

Another week and another event on tap for the FedEx Cup. Rory McIlroy stomped on the terra last week, coming from behind to take the 1-shot victory at the Deutsche Bank Championship and secure himself at number 1 in the standings. A lot of energy is being given to the McIlroy-Woods situation and that will continue this week. Woods and McIlroy are the only two players on TOUR this year who have won three tournaments apiece and they are paired again in the 1st round. Woods current standing is #3 but a win this week would really get the chatter rolling but he will need to find some consistency in the later rounds to find that winning feeling. One hole in they were tied at -1 and I predict they will stay close Thursday but, what about round 2?

PGA: Deutsche Sunday

Results: He led by 3 at one point but McIlroy wins by 1.

Rub your eyes golf fans. Even though today is Sunday, the typical day for a final round, the Deutsche Bank Championship ends Monday. Delayed by weather? No. Schedule conflict to get better players involved? No. I really have no idea why the tournament organizers chose this. It’s completely inconsistent with every other PGA tournament and is just an ugly curve ball to throw at golf fans unless… they were expecting the action to be very watchable and get some Monday TV PGA ratings in the books. And the action is pretty hot with Louis Oosthuizen atop the leader board at -16, followed by Rory McIlroy -13 and Tiger Woods at -12 and one group ahead. Nice, but who’s going to crack on Monday?

PGA: Barclays Final

Results: Nick Watney (?) wins by 3.

To begin the final round Sunday at the Barclays, there are 17 players in the top ten. You have to imagine that one of those players is going to be the winner. Sergio Garcia is leading at -10 and Tiger Woods is at the bottom of the list at -4, with Phil Mickelson. Sergio is not known for his staying power in the final rounds so 6 strokes isn’t as big a cushion as it might seem and there’s some real heat behind him and even Kevin Stadler, son of Craig Stadler. Anyway, I have no idea who’s going to take this thing but the scoring is going to be close.

PGA: The Barclays

Results: The thing is, when you corner a Tiger, you’re going to get bit. Round 2 in the clubhouse: Tiger -5, McIlroy E.

The Barclays is the first of four tournaments in the playoffs for the FedEx Cup, when the field (125 players qualified for the opening event) gets whittled down each week until only 30 reach the Tour Championship, and the winner walks away with a $10 million bonus. But that’s not the story here. It’s this grouping for the first 2 days, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. McIlroy is the next new contender for the title of Tiger Killer. It used to be Phil Mickelson but Lefty has never shown the gumption to make much drama out of it and the pairings fizzled. McIlroy on the other hand, with his win at the PGA Championship, his second major and at a slightly younger age than when Woods won his second, has dropped a match on the tinder of a rivalry. And when Mr. Woods refers to Rory as “great kid” you know he’s going to throw down hard. Round 1 is in the books for them and Tiger has a 1-shot lead on Rory.

PGA Championship: Daly Edition

Results: Maybe a little training would help Daly keep his day 1 momentum as his day 2, 77 dropped him well below 10th.

John Daly keeps showing up and keeps posting competitive 1st rounds. Last time we checked it was at The Open in Britain. Now it’s the PGA Championship where he’s in the clubhouse with a 68 and tied for 5th and 2 off the lead. Lots more golf to play today but can we expect more solid play from Mr. Daly, or the usual collapse?