B3TZ on Your Blog

Contact us and get access to b3tz you can put on your blog.

B3TZ [say: ‘betz’] is a game that you easily add to your blog posts, where your readers can tackle daily prediction challenges about your content.  It’s social, it’s sticky and makes your posts ‘playable’.

What are b3tz?

B3TZ are the individual prediction challenges you offer to your readers. Many b3tz make up one game and a game can last any amount of time you like. Games can be based on a points or streaks. Whichever you like. And B3tz can be used on most blog platforms including WordPress, Blogger and others.

What Do I Get?

A custom prediction game on your blog connected to your content. You also get a leader board you can put on your blog so your players can see where they stand in the game and how their friends are doing.

How Does it Work?

B3TZ works with you to design a game that fits your content and schedule. Then all you have to do is copy and paste the b3tz code provided to you and put it in your post. Simple as that and your site gets all the Facebook, return visits, new traffic and social benefits already built into the game.

Getting Started

Just shoot us a note and let’s set up a time to talk about what you want to accomplish. We run the whole service and provide all the prizes. It’s as easy as that.