MLB: Yankees at Orioles

The New York Yankees are on the verge of finishing last in the majors in runs scored for the month of June and have shown no sign they are about to break out of the collective slump. And it won’t get any easier on Sunday in the third game of their series with the Orioles.

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MLB: Cubs at Mariners

Interleague play: all the player confusion of the World Series and none of the excitement.

The Seattle Mariners sit 12 games back of first in the AL West and the Chicago Cubs are 14.5 back in the NL Central. And anyone outside of diehard fans know the playoffs are a smoky pipe dream in all

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MLB: Phillies at Dodgers

There’s a lot of talk, including from me, that the Dodgers were just a mess this year. Too much money, no player continuity and too many distractions and then injuries.

Well, that mess is starting to get cleaned up and gel. Los Angeles swept the Giants, have won their last 5, got a huge shot

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MLB: Rangers at Yankees

The Yankees have won 16 of their last 21 home games versus the Rangers – and 12 of 16 overall – but the Rangers are still going to beat them Wednesday night.

Now that we have that out of the way, the only really interesting things going on in pinstripes are: Ichiro hitting a walk-off

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MLB: Giants at Dodgers

Well, the wheels aren’t entirely off of the Giants cart but, damn it’s getting close. Now only 1 game over .500 after dropping 3 of 4 at home to the Marlins (worst record in baseball), San Francisco needs to figure out some answers to stop the bleeding — starting with the Dodgers on Monday night.

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MLB: Dodgers at Padres

Turns out the San Diego Padres like to mix it up. I can’t think of a team that’s been in more bench-clearing, bat pointing or mound charging this year. In a southern California town it might be called ‘Swag-a-tude’ or some such thing but generally it just looks like punkery.

Wednesday afternoon Giants starter Madison

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MLB: Mariners at Angels

Anaheim has won four of its last five games after an 11-3 rout moving past Seattle into third place in the American League West standings with Monday’s victory. Seattle has been outscored 30-4 in three games in Anaheim this season.

So, is there any good news for the Mariners on Tuesday night? Sure.

The Angels’

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MLB: Royals at Rays

May was disasterous for the Kansas City Royals. After a very encouraging start to the season full of confidence and success, the wheels fell off and they spiraled into a vortex of losing they couldn’t escape. That continued to the first days of June then, they seemed to shake it off.

Kansas City continues its

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MLB: Giants at Diamonbacks

Yeah. That’s right. Been a Giants kind of week. You’ll live.

Coming to Spring Training at the Giants camp this year wasn’t a very opportunity rich place to be as a pitcher. They really didn’t need any but were open to adding one utility reliever and the guy rising to the top was Chad Gaudin,

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MLB: Blue Jays at Giants 2

Yes, that’s right. Another Blue Jays at Giants post — for one reason: R.A. Dickey and Barry Zito are two of my favorite pitcher and will match up for today’s day game at AT&T Park.

The reasons are many but I’ll just pick one: they aren’t normal.

To be specific, they aren’t normal MLB pitchers

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