NBA: Thunder at Spurs

Results: The Spurs are only mostly dead and scratch out a last second win over the Thunder.

When will the Spurs finally die? I thought they were done three years ago, then two years ago, then last year. And the Thunder did get them in the last year’s Western Finals after being down 2-0. Did

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NBA: Knicks at Nets

Results: EVENT CANCELLED. Both team sites indicated it would be played but Michael Bloomberg asked the NBA to postpone.

Couldn’t get a more exciting home opener for the BROOKLYN Nets than the Knicks coming over the bridge to Barclays Center on Thursday night for the The Battle of the Boroughs. The Nets have been the

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NCAA: Virginia Tech at Miami

Results: Not just the win but, the rout. Miami keeps VT scoreless in the second half.

On Thursday night the Hokies travel to Miami to take on the Hurricanes, both teams needing to shake off the bye week rust. For either team, a win might salvage the season and could propel them toward a successful

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NFL: Chiefs at Chargers

Results: Chargers came to play and took apart the Chiefs.

[ed note: A hearty and formal welcome to Hunter James, who has joined B3TZ Sports as a regular contributor. We’re stoked to have him.] Thursday night in San Diego two of the NFL’s most disappointing teams square off in what promises to be one of

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NBA: Kings at Bulls

Results: Bulls win, but only by 6. Chicago didn’t have anyone for one more 3?

The Kings, or should I call them the Seattle-SuperKings? (they are for sale after all) take their 2012, West-worst 6-27 road record to Chicago Wednesday with the hopes of wiping the slate clean and focusing on much better results. Normally

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NBA: Opening Day Double Header

Results: Heat start where they left off, scoring a lot. Mavs take it to the Lakers.

Baseball ended majestically, and thankfully, on Sunday. No. Not because I’m tired of baseball — far from it — but the Tigers were on the brink of springing back to life. Thankfully Bochy and the gang stepped

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NFL: 49ers at Cardinals — Monday Night Football

Results: Yeah. The Niners are not who you have in your house when you’re trying to clean things up. They just make a mess of things.

Are the once golden Cardinals really struggling as much as everyone says, and look? Having the 49ers in your house isn’t how you want to test that. Alex Smith

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Results: Oct 22-28

M. Proulx runs away from the pack this week with a resounding 5 b3tz point victory over the leader board. We haven’t seen a win like that in a long time. Proulx’s place at the top earns him 50 bonus b3tz point and a Golden Balls Trophy, his first. Congratulations!

One housecleaning note: The 49ers

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NFL: Redskins at Steelers

Results: Our first guest blogger Hunter, nailed his first prediction as the Steelers took care of the Redskins. We look forward to enjoying more of his contributions.

[ed note: Special guest writer Hunter James provided this post and b3tz. Hope you enjoy it.] Outside of West Virginia not many know about the intense rivalry between

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NFL Extravaganza 7!

The Jets better damn well let Tebow play — a lot — this week. I know he’s with the G-O-D and stuff but it’s like he’s pure evil. You don’t want to be tempted but no matter how much you try to avoid him, there he is, just waiting for you. At least let’s stop

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