Everything Must Go

Results: Maybe they haven’t given up… a player they got in the trade with the Giants (Nate Scheirholz) hits the winning home run. Phillies win. Pence who was traded to the Giants went 0-4. Ouch.

It seems fair to say the Philadelphia Phillies at 15.5 back in the NL East have called it a

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Beach Royalty

Results: Walsh and May-Treanor give up their first set of the games but end up with the win.

The Queen of England isn’t the only royalty at the London Olympics this year. Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor are the two-time, reigning gold medal champions and, “the greatest beach volleyball team of all time” based

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Women’s Volleyball Faces China

Results: Wow. Not nearly as close as I thought. The U.S. blanked China 3-0 for the victory. This really sets them up as the favorite for gold.

Going into their next match, the Women’s U.S. volleyball team is 2-0, having last beat Brazil 3 games to 1 in a re-match of the Gold Medal

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Soccer: The Actor’s Workshop

Results: The U.S. women pull out a 1-0 victory over N. Korea. Lots of yellow card and 1 ejection for N. Korea.

If you’ve spent any time watching professional soccer a good portion of any match is spent watching players fake contact and injuries to draw fouls. It’s a big act and part of

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Demonstration of Strength

Results: The U.S. pulls a small upset by defeating Romania 10-8 and putting them in a tie for 1st in their group.

Water polo, I’ve read, was invented as a demonstration of strength and swimming skill in late 19th century England and Scotland. And few descriptions of sport could be closer to the truth.

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This One’s in the Bag

Results: Angola kept it reasonably close in the first half but the U.S. broke out in the second, running the score up and winning by 52.

The U.S. womens Olympic basketball team has owned the top of the podium dating back to 1996 and this year doesn’t look to be any different. They beat

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I’m Diggin’ It

Results: U.S. beats Brazil 3-1 and go to 2-0 in GroupB, tied with China.

It’s probably been a long time since you’ve seen a real volleyball game. Maybe even the last Summer Olympics. It’s intense. A complicated dance of placement, power and deception all coordinated in split seconds between 6 team members. The U.S.

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Results: B3TZ Sports July 23-27

A challenging week at B3TZ Sports with many of the events not ending up as we expected (or wanted!). S. Goerlitz pulls out the 1-brag win for the July 23-27 game. He receives a Golden Ball Trophy and 50 bonus brags. Congratulations!

It’s going to be an exciting week at B3TZ Sports as the Olympic

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Big Doings in the City

Results: Oh, geez. Giants lost this one and all the rest this weekend getting swept at home by LA. Not good but a lot of baseball to go.

No. Not New York. The City by the Bay! NL West showdown with old rivals the Dodgers and Giants. San Francisco has a 3 game lead

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Mets Feed Rookie to Snakes

Results: Mr. Harvey charmed the snake and looks like the real deal. 11 strike outs (Mets rookie record) and a double, blanking AZ for 6 innings. We will remember him.

Matt Harvey, the New York Mets’ first-round selection in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft gets his first major league start today when they face

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