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Your Blog has Value that’s Going to Waste

People visit your website to read what you have to say but to make money, you expect them to click on banner ads that have little to do with what’s important to you and them.

B3TZ is a simple service bloggers use to add playable predictions to posts. It’s like a fantasy game -light- just for your blog readers.

With a simple cut and paste you get your very own game tailored to what you’re already writing. It’s as easy as that. Play the game to see a sample of what it looks like.

B3TZ then earns you money from advertisers who want to be your sponsor, in addition to:

AdSense and other ad networks pay pennies per click and are just a distraction from your posts.

ESPN uses Streak for the Cash the same way: B3TZ provides your blog a cool game for your readers that is part of your content and our advertisers pay you and reward readers to be part of the fun. Contact us to join our pilot program and learn how much you can make.